TWINS MARRIAGE: Timea💕Peter andThomea💕Paul 2022

Thomea💕Paul 2022

Thomea💕Paul 2022

It is indeed a glorious news hitting the heart of Kogi State in Igala Province, Anyigba, Dekina Local Government. Where Timea Onoja and Thomea Onoja have both agreed to get married to another set of twins Peter and Paul.

Onoja Ojochide Timea wrote on her Facebook timeline “I have things to be thankful for because God made it so.💍💍

He has made everything beautiful in his time.
Come and celebrate with us 17th & 18th of April…

Twin/Twin wedding, Kogi wedding, anyigba wedding”

Congratulations to you all. May God bless your new home to be.

Kogi wedding

Igala wedding

MEET PRINCE MATHEW ALHAJI OPALUWA THE newly approved Attah of Igala Kingdom.

MEET PRINCE MATHEW ALHAJI OPALUWA THE newly approved Attah of Igala Kingdom.

After the death of Atta Igala, Michael Ameh Oboni II on August 27, 2020, the Kogi State Executive Council has now approved Prince Matthew Alhaji Opaluwa the Attah Igala during the 6th meeting held at the Council Hall of the Government House in Lokoja on Monday

Opaluwa is the ninth of the 16 and the fourth of the six surviving males of the late Chief Opaluwa of the Aju Ameacho ruling dynasty of the Igala kingdom.

The Attah designate started his early education at St Boniface Primary School, Idah in 1975 and proceeded to St Peter’s College, Idah where he obtained his West African School Certificate (WASC), in 1980.

He attended the School of Basic Studies, Ugbokolo in Benue State in 1981 and proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in the same year and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Business Administration in 1986.

He acquired his Master’s (MBA) degree in Business Administration in 1997.

Before his appointment, he had worked at the Independent National Electoral Commission in 1988 as an administrative officer and rose through the ranks to become a deputy director.

He has served in many local government areas of Kogi, Kaduna and the Federal Capital Territory as an electoral officer but while in Katsina State, he was in charge of the Research and Documentation Unit of the electoral body.


Five Years In Happy Marriage and Forever To Go, Insha Allah

Exactly Five Years ago, at about this time or maybe earlier; I was subjected to very unnecessary reflections as to whether or not I had taken a good decision. Many questions ran through my mind but my heart was never in doubt and that’s why it is what(a happy married life) it is today. My prayers was that God make me among those He talked about their prayers in Surat’l Furqan verse 74 — “Our Lord, grant us from among our spouses and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.”

Today, I am an example of who found Love in his peak. Like exams that is not the true test of knowledge, societal assumptions cum theories are never the true test of Love. What it is and will forever be is one’s heart and that’s why we can only find true Love by purifying our intentions and following our hearts. I can remember very vividly the turmoil, fear, phobia and even contemplation that ran in my mind from the moment I made public announcement of my Wedding Date to the end of my Wedding.

They weren’t farfetched, many people; including close Family and Friends where tensed by the probability of my marriage standing the test of time owing to the fact that it coincided with my first major Political Appointment and Prolific Social Status. At this point, my solace was still from the Quran — “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put Love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.”(Surah Ar-Room, Verse 21)

Behold, the rest is history!

Hussaina Ojochogwu, who happens to be my beloved WIFE is a gift of immeasurable value from God. From our first conversation on marriage, she has not always been a WIFE but home counselor. She detests all that hovers around splendor, dislikes illusionary pleasures, allergic to conditional pleasantries and very mean to sustainable realities. Suffice to say, her views about life is always interwoven between moderating excesses and planning for the future.

Five Years into marriage; all I see is endless Love, growing affection, deeper bond and happy friendship. Save for the gift of our three lovely Children (Prince Sahil Onoja, Princess Zahra Ojone and Prince Arman Ocholi) from God Almighty, I didn’t asked for more than I have got.
As we mark our Five Years Anniversary today, I cannot thank God enough for what he has made out of it for us. Just like yesterday, our union gets fresher by the day and the forever we anticipate seem as if not to have even started. I have come to realize that beauty exists not only in what the eyes can see but all that the heart can conceive. Much more than my Wedding vote of thanks, I thank God for blessing me with an amazing woman I call WIFE on my Fifth Anniversary and every other day afterwards.

Alhamdulillahi Rabil Alamin

Hon. Sani Ogu SALISU (S. O. S)

Former Commissioner for Youths and Sports



My grandfather was a man of great character, a wonderful intellect, a great soul of matchless courage, a quiet man,
But his silence could speak volumes.

The warmth of his gaze said, “I love you.”
The strength of his hugs said, “I will keep you safe.”
The gentleness of his hands said, “You’re precious to me.”
His nod of approval for a job well done said, “I respect you.”

In the years to come, I may not remember many of the words my grandfather spoke,
But the memories of what he conveyed without speaking a word will stay in my heart.

There are lots of other personal qualities that characterized Grandpa, some of which were so ingrained in who he was that you couldn’t think of him not exhibiting them (honesty, integrity, generosity). He was a man of deep spirituality who loved the God he served and who has left a legacy in the lives of those who knew him — that will endure for years to come. I know that I have been deeply impacted by his input into my life and I will miss him dearly. I had the privilege of knowing him for over 20 years, as my grandfather. His leaving the life on this earth has caused me to seriously reflect on my life and my priorities.

I hope that I will also become a man of great character.

Rest in peace Grandpa, you will forever remain green in my heart.

~Victor Ochijenu

Late Mr Uhiene Alfred Ukwenya


“I am who I am by the benevolence of Almighty God.
My heart rejoice for the uncommon favour yesterday, today and many more fulfilling and progressive years ahead.
Happy 50th birthday to me.” ~ Hon. Haruna Idoko Musa

Birthday: I’m glad to be alive, but painful celebrations without my mother – Hon Matthew Ochada [HMO]

My heart is clogged with gratitude oh God for Your profound love, that’s vast beyond measure, and You bestowed on me another year of deep happiness coupled with genuine elevations. I return the glory to you Everlasting Father. 🙌

Today is the first birthday that my Mum didn’t wake me up with singing, prayers and praises to God, either in my face or into the phone. I kind of spent this early morning staring at my phone waiting for her call, but the silence is….deafening. I think it hit me today that she’s really gone, and that I’m really alone. 😭

Sure, I’m glad to be alive, but you see, celebrations without my mother around can be so painful. She had a special way of making you feel so unique, so loved, and so celebrated. Truth is, she did this every day, not just birthdays.

She has been gone above two months now but it hurts as much as the day it happened. Every day I think about it. It haunts my existence. It makes me sad, and makes me cry like I’ve never cried before.

Even though my Mum is no longer here physically, I know she’s always with me now, by my side and in my heart. I feel her every day. Probably now more than ever.

So as I turn another year older today, I can hear her singing to me. I can hear her celebrating with me. I can hear her cheering me on.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, and I love you Mum. Every day, more and more.

  • Hon Matthew Ochada [HMO]

The 10 hardest English words to pronounce, according to Reddit

The 10 hardest English words to pronounce, according to Reddit


When you hear “hard to pronounce words,” the first terms that come to mind are typically “affidavit” or “hierarchy,” not “penguin” or “squirrel” but some of them start to make sense once you dive into the full explanation.







Pronunciation: Wuss-ter-sheer


This one is hotly debated. Most British people will tell you to just say “Woo-stah” and drop the “-shire” on the end, especially if you’re talking about the famous Worcestershire sauce. Don’t be fooled by the “ces” in the middle. It doesn’t really do anything, kind of like that mysterious light switch on your wall or your pet goldfish. If you can say “Worcester,” I have faith that you can figure out how to pronounce its English cousin.




Pronunciation: Kw-eye-er


How did we end up with a word that looks like “choir” but sounds like someone saying “crier” in a baby voice? I’m all for “blaming the French,” as one commenter offered, but they use the word “chorale” instead, so this one is on us. Why we have a “ch” that makes a hard “k” sound, I don’t know, but I agree with the user who suggested changing “choir” to “quire” so we don’t all go mad. (I’m also a fan of the rhyming mini-musical that this conversation sparked. Pinot noire, Roseanne Bar, Midsized Car, You don’t have to be popuLAR…)




Pronunciation: Sk-whirl


Many English speakers reading this list are probably starting to question the verbal skills of these Redditors. After all, most of us have grown up saying the word squirrel on a regular basis. (“I almost got attacked by a squirrel on campus yesterday! Are squirrels and chipmunks the same thing? How do you spell squirrel?”) But apparently for foreign students, especially German students, squirrel is quite the conundrum and causes most of them to accidentally start inventing new animals like the “sqvirvel” or “squi-wel.”




Pronunciation: Uh-nem-uh-nee


What do Nemo and Redditors have in common? Neither can pronounce anemone properly, apparently. I mean, I can’t blame them. This wild flower species has too many vowels and “n”s and “m”s for my liking. They all get jumbled in my brain and I end up spewing my own version of “amnemonemomne.”




Pronunciation: Is-muss


The easiest way to master this word is to keep your tongue safely behind your front teeth. You may sound like you have a lisp but that’s what this word was built for.




Pronunciation: Siks


At first, this almost looks like a joke. Sixth? Doesn’t everyone who passed kindergarten know how to pronounce this one? But the longer you look at the word, the more complicated it starts to look. Why is there an “x” next to a “th”? Did the creator want us to get tongue-tied? How do English people approach this word, or Irish, or German? Sixth is a menace.




Pronunciation: Pen-gwen


This one actually is a joke. During an interview on the Graham Norton Show last year, Benedict Cumberbatch admitted that he repeatedly messed up the pronunciation of the word “penguin” in a documentary he had narrated. Norton shows a clip in which Benny can be heard calling the little flightless creatures “pengwengs.” Apparently, nobody on the documentary staff felt the need to correct the actor, leading to this curious Reddit pick. A more appropriate choice, in my opinion, would have been Cumberbatch’s name because I’m sure that I’ve said “Benny-dict Come-burr-BACH” one too many times.




Pronunciation: Ker-nal


I’ve discussed this word before so I won’t linger on it too much, but the only thing you need to know about it is that it doesn’t make sense and it should probably be eliminated from the dictionary.




Pronunciation: Oto-rhino-laryng-ologist


An otorhinolaryngologist is an ear-nose-throat doctor. (Seems like an odd combination to me, but I also know nothing about medicine.) Their unnecessarily long title makes me wonder whether they wanted to get their PHD to help people or, alternatively, to watch people stammer over their name. “So you’re a otor-hine-oh-larry-nee-glo-gist-o? Did I say that right?” No. No you didn’t.




Pronunciation: Rurr-rol (the “rurr” syllable rhymes with “purr”)


If you never looked at this word on paper, you might think it was spelled “rrrral” because many people let the middle “u” fall to the wayside when they’re in a hurry. Pop culture knows how much we all struggle with this word: it even showed up on an episode of 30 Rock a few years ago.