A dream to affect our generation, adding value to humanity and to join forces with Igalas that have same dream to take Igala kingdom to a greater height.

1. To evaluate and support Igala education among the less privilege in public schools across the Igala nine LGAs

2. To promote Igala clothes/costumes, show casing our cultural attires to the world.

3. Elevating our custom and tradition, hence igniting Love and Unity to make IGALA Land a Promise Land.

4. Creating an avenue to promote our young talented Entrepreneurs.

5. To give helps to those who are willing to buy Original IGALA clothes/accessories (Tested&Trusted) Nationwide at affordable price.

6. To train Youths on Skills acquisitions and Enterpreneurship programs

7. To bring out talents via talent hunts, pageant etc

8. To create enabling environment for advertisements of Igala talents etc

9. Projecting the beautiful and positive Igala image to the world.

*What we do*

• Igala fashion exhibition
• Sales of Igala costumes/attires
• Event management (ushering, catering & confectioneries etc.)
• Content promotion


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